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Catastrophic injuries can remain hidden after a collision

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

Car accidents are scary occurrences no matter who you are. Senior defensive back Kris Boyd, a performer for the All-Big 12, sustained injuries after a car crash that occurred on Independence Day in Texas. While the players seemed fine at the scene, it is always important for people involved in collisions to remain cognizant of their health. 

In some cases, injuries from a motor vehicle accident will be readily apparent. People can sustain cuts and bruises and know immediately that they need to see a doctor. However, there have been plenty of cases where a victim’s symptoms did not become apparent until days or weeks later. This is why everyone involved in a car crash should seek medical attention promptly after the incident. 


There is plenty of room inside the skull for the brain to move. However, in instances where the brain moves too quickly and strikes the skull, the person can experience a concussion. They are quite common in people who experienced a severe collision. The person may feel dizzy at the scene, but the mistake far too many people make is to assume that is normal after a crash. Symptoms can take weeks to develop and come and go as time passes. The most common symptoms include extreme headaches, sleep disturbances and mental confusion. 

Post-traumatic stress disorders

While a lot of attention goes toward the physical injuries that occur after a car accident, people still need to pay attention to their mental health. Post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological issues are common after such traumatic events. Although it is invisible, it is still very real, and some people need to go to therapy and take prescription medication to feel comfortable inside a car again. For some, emotional distress will only remain for a little while, although there are plenty of people who have problems the rest of their lives. A prompt diagnosis can help begin treatments posthaste and start the path to recovery.