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The chronic impact of chest injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

There is no limit to the injuries you may receive in a collision, but trauma to your chest can be life-changing. Not only can a broken rib restrict your mobility in the short term, but it can also lead to chronic pain you can never escape. The debilitating nature of these injuries is nothing to take lightly. 

Whether you were in a motor vehicle accident as a driver or pedestrian, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. A doctor can help you get back on your feet, and a proper analysis ensures you get the compensation you deserve.  

Immediate symptoms

Following a collision, you may experience tenderness in certain areas of your chest, especially when you press on the area. If you feel intense pain anytime you shift or bend your torso, you may have a bruised or fractured rib. This injury may also make it difficult to breathe.

Though treatment is not invasive, it can be lengthy. On average, you can expect a recovery period of six weeks. During that time, the pain can limit your mobility, preventing you from working or engaging in leisure activities. There is also a risk of pneumonia of which you must be constantly vigilant. These restrictions can impact your life in the months immediately after the accident.

Long-term ramifications

Though many medical experts report a good prognosis for chest injuries, studies show that this may not always be the case. Pain and disability may extend well beyond the anticipated six-week period. At this time, there are no clear predictors of what determines chronic implications, which makes the injury remarkably unpredictable. 

An injury that seems minor at first may affect your life more than you realize. Some patients have reported continued disability for up to six months following the injury. Unable to work, the result is financial strain and professional frustration.

If you experience blunt trauma to your chest, let a doctor give you a thorough examination. Once identified, a rib fracture can be a valid impetus to seek damages. This eases the pressure of recovery, so you can focus on getting better.