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Could you suffer from internal bleeding and not know it?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

The sound of crashing metal, the smell of antifreeze, gas and oil, and the feeling of pain as you are thrown around the cabin of your vehicle all indicate that you are in the midst of a car accident. When your vehicle comes to rest, you make a quick assessment of your situation and feel lucky to be alive.

You may even manage to get out of your vehicle. Even though you feel some pain, you don’t think much of it because you expect it. After all, you were just involved in a car accident and don’t seem to have any serious injuries. The problem is that many injuries may not show themselves right away.

Internal bleeding can sneak up on you

Most of the time, internal bleeding is obvious at the scene of the accident, but not always. It is possible that you could get home and not know that you are in a potentially life-threatening situation. You may want to watch yourself for these symptoms:

  • Regardless of where the bleeding is, you could experience dizziness or light-headedness. You could even faint.
  • You could develop a large area of skin that turned a deep purple color as the blood seeps into your soft tissue and skin.
  • If the bleeding is in your abdominal area, you could develop significant pain and swelling that will only get worse.
  • If the bleeding is in your leg, you could develop pain, tightness and swelling.
  • If the bleeding is in your head, you could experience seizures and headaches. You could even lose consciousness.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention right away. Doctors will perform tests to confirm the bleeding and find where it is coming from. Thereafter, your treatment will first need to stabilize you. You could need surgery, but depending on your condition, doctors may want to wait and observe you first.

In any case, you will likely need some time to recover, along with your medical care. The financial losses could start to pile up quickly. If another person caused the crash that led to your current condition, it may be possible to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim in Texas to help with your current and future medical and other needs. You did nothing to deserve what happened to you, and you shouldn’t have to bear the financial responsibility associated with it.