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What type of protective gear can minimize motorcycle injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Auto Accident, Motorcycle accidents

Even though riding a motorcycle does have risks, you can mitigate many hazards when you wear proper safety gear. Coupled with adequate protective gear, your decision to ride responsibly can help you avoid hazards that could threaten your safety.

Making a habit of dressing properly before you ride can be the deciding factor in your outcome if you experience a collision.

Head and face protection

Considering the severity of many traumatic brain injuries, protecting your head should take top priority. Having a helmet is not enough. You will want a helmet that fits properly and comfortably. An ill-fitted helmet that wobbles around cannot provide nearly the protection that a secure helmet could. According to the United States Department of Transportation, wear a helmet that displays the DOT symbol. This indicates that the product meets all FMVSS requirements.

Protecting your face can enhance your protection and also improve your comfort. Helmets with a face shield can prevent bugs, dust and other debris from obstructing your vision. Other things you may consider include sunglasses and earplugs.

Abrasion-resistant clothing

Your clothing can make a considerable difference in your body’s condition in an accident. Abrasion-resistant clothing can protect your extremities against road rash. Leather, for example, has fibers that are denser than other fabrics. As such, its fibers lock together stronger and are more resistant to wear and tear. You will also want to wear footwear that fully covers your feet and is abrasion-resistant as well. Gloves can make holding your handlebars more comfortable and also help you maintain a good grip on your bike.

Over time, you will want to replace your riding gear as it gets worn out. Having protective gear that fits well and is high quality can make a considerable difference in your safety when riding your motorcycle.