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What should I know about driving on wet leaves?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Auto Accident

Wet leaves are inevitable in the fall. The mixture of rain and freshly fallen leaves creates a hazard on the road that is only comparable to ice.

Your vehicle will be unable to get proper traction and you could easily lose control. The National Highway Safety Administration suggests understanding why leaves are a danger and how to avoid letting them cause you problems.

Dangerous foliage

Leaves are so hazardous because they fall anywhere and everywhere. Once they get wet, they stick to the road, so other traffic will not push them off the blacktop. In addition, they cover things that could also pose a hazard, such as something in the road or a big pothole, or road markings that help keep you safe.

Safety first

If you drive on a road covered in wet leaves, slow down. The key to not sliding is to maintain as much traction as possible. Make sure you reduce your speed and increase your stopping time.

It also helps to check your tires. Always keep them properly inflated as this helps with traction. Check them regularly for wear that could also reduce traction.

Watch out for potential issues, especially on unfamiliar roads. You may want to drive more cautiously to avoid hazards covered by leaves. Never drive over a pile of leaves as you cannot know what is inside.

Being extra careful in the fall as leaves cover roadways is imperative to keeping yourself and others safe. You should also keep an eye out for other drivers who may not practice safe fall driving. Being aware can prevent you from ending up a casualty to their risky driving behaviors.