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How do doctors treat traumatic brain injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Auto Accident

After a car accident, doctors diagnosed you with a traumatic brain injury. You know TBIs qualify for personal injury claims, but how much should you seek in damages?

Mayo Clinic explains how medical professionals treat TBIs. Understand your options, so you know which medical costs to include with your claim.

Less-severe TBIs

Patients with minor brain injuries respond well to over-the-counter medication and bed rest. While resting, TBI patients should take it easy with cognitive and physical activities. They may also need someone to watch over them at home to ensure their condition does not worsen.

Emergency medical care

Moderate-to-severe brain injuries could require emergency medical care. Doctors ensure the person maintains healthy blood pressure and blood supply, and the patient must get enough oxygen. Emergency medical care also addresses secondary damage, such as swelling, limited oxygen flowing to the brain and bleeding.


Medication limits secondary brain damage. TBI patients with compressed blood vessels may need coma-inducing drugs that limit the amount of oxygen the brain needs. Medical care professionals prescribe anti-seizure medication for moderate-to-severe brain injuries. Seizures put individuals at risk of further brain damage. To boost urine output and decrease tissue fluid, a person could take diuretics.


Doctors may recommend surgery to remove blood clots that threaten brain tissue. TBI patients may have skull fractures or brain bleeds that require surgery. If cerebrospinal fluid collects in the skull, surgeons can open the skull to let it “breathe.”

Your medical team can help you develop a treatment plan for your brain injury. Use their treatment recommendations to get the compensation you deserve.