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How dangerous is street racing?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Auto Accident, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Street racing is a common pastime for people who love the thrill and speed of racing. It is also illegal and dangerous.

AP News explains there is a surge in street racing recently that has led to multiple fatalities.

The popularity

Street racing usually occurs on roadways with little traffic. Ideally, they should be straight, long and free of any type of obstructions, including cars and people. For this reason, street racing usually happens in areas that are not well lit and that have low-speed limits.

The risks

Street racing involves people driving too fast and not paying attention to possible hazards. This is a recipe for disaster. If an unknowing vehicle enters the roadway, an accident is highly likely to occur, and it is often going to be deadly.

Beyond the risks to someone coming into the path of racers, street racing is annoying to neighbors and creates a sense of tension in neighborhoods.

The solution

While illegal street racing will pop up in cities all over, there are some tracks that provide legal racing options similar to those on the street. In addition, many areas are cracking down by installing cameras to catch racers or increasing the penalties for those caught racing.

For those who really love racing, legal options are available. There is no reason any innocent person should lose their life because someone wishes to break the law and race on city streets or back roads. Responsibility is key to those who enjoy this pastime. They must realize they are putting others at risk.