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What are the top causes of car crashes in Texas?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Auto Accident

Texas remains a dangerous state for drivers to traverse. According to authorities, however, most crashes are preventable and remain centered around negligent driving practices.

When a driver employs reckless behavior on the road, it may result in catastrophic consequences for others. The Texas Department of Transportation has started a campaign to educate drivers on how they may remain safe and do their part in keeping others injury-free. It begins with understanding the leading causes of crashes in the Lonestar State.

What does speed have to do with it?

Everyone wants to get to their destination quicker, especially if traffic has held them up along the way. However, breaking the speed limit may do more harm than good. Speeding remains a top cause of crashes. It is harder for a driver to maintain control of a car at faster speeds. Stopping or avoiding obstacles becomes almost impossible when speeding.

Is drunk driving still a problem?

Driving under the influence has not decreased, even with education about its dangers. Drunk driving remains a top cause of car accidents throughout the country. Even a driver who has consumed only one alcoholic beverage presents a higher risk of causing a crash. Impairment of reflexes and poor judgment are two of the side effects of this practice.

Have car improvements helped curb distracted driving?

Technology has come a long way in helping drivers avoid crashes. However, even with all this, distracted driving still happens. The infotainment systems in newer cars may prove too tempting for people to curb the need to check messages and social media postings. While phones are still the top cause of distraction in vehicles, anything that takes a driver’s attention from the journey falls into this category, including eating and drinking behind the wheel.

Getting a handle on some startling driver behavior may prove the first step in staying safe.