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New technology helps ensure a safer ride for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle accidents

The number of motorcycle riders in the U.S. continues to increase and Texas holds great appeal for enthusiasts due to its wide-open spaces.

Unfortunately, Texas is among the top three states with the most motorcycle accident fatalities, which emphasizes the importance of new safety technology for riders.

Safer for yourself

Helmets are a must for motorcyclists. Today you can find a helmet with a built-in GPS system as well as a built-in camera for showing rear views. You might also consider a vest with a built-in airbag. Immediately on impact, a sensor in the vest deploys an airbag to protect your chest and heart. In addition, you can upgrade your boots by choosing those with flexible impact technology, which is more protective and better absorbs the impact of a collision.

Safer for your bike

LED lighting for your motorcycle allows drivers to see you more easily. In the world of diagnostics, you can have a bike with system monitoring services. Stability control is available through a system that analyzes lean-angle and traction data so as to ensure your motorcycle employs the right amount of braking or power.

Safer down the road

Motorcycle injuries can be severe and long lasting. Victims are eligible for maximum compensation to cover their medical expenses and more. Of course, you may already wear bright colors like orange or yellow during the day and reflective tape on the back of your vest or jacket for better visibility at night. But it never hurts to look into advancements like a safer helmet or LED lighting for your bike. Technology keeps evolving to help make you and your fellow motorcycle riders safer on the road.