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What are some common distractions that influence truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

When you share the road with trucks, you may begin to feel overwhelmed at how large they are and how powerful they can be.

The size of these vehicles can contribute to the damage to your vehicle if they crash into you. One of the most common sources of crashes is distractions that take drivers’ eyes and minds off of the road.

People and billboards

According to the Federal Motor Carrer Safety Administration, truckers looking outside at the surrounding area around their truck can easily swerve into traffic and crash into a car. Moving or bright items can draw their eyes away from the vehicles surrounding them.

When you notice a truck veering in and out of a lane or stopping and starting randomly, you may see a person who is not paying attention to others.

Phone calls

Using a cell phone to text or call someone can seriously distract people. This is even more dangerous when a person is in charge of operating a truck, which is a larger vehicle that takes longer to stop.

If another vehicle suddenly pulls out in front of them, the truck driver will likely not have the time to hit the brakes before crashing into them.

Food and snacks

Tearing a bag of chips open or opening a soda often requires the use of at least one hand. When a trucker cannot properly grip the wheel, any slight miscalculation can lead to them ramming into a car near them on the road.

Opening up a package or using a phone while handling a truck, along with the visual distraction of something outside the truck, can lead to an accident.