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Motorcycle awareness tips

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 2020 saw record numbers (nearly 6,000) of motorcycle accident deaths, and nearly 3,000 of these involved another vehicle.

In fact, due to the increase in fuel costs, more and more drivers have adopted motorcycles as their main mode of transportation. If you drive a vehicle in Texas, you likely share the road with motorcyclists. Therefore, these are a few tips to increase your awareness of motorcycles.

Increase your following distance

Many motor vehicle accidents occur as a result of drivers following too close to the vehicles in front of them. This is especially important with motorcycles, which have a much shorter reaction time than cars. Therefore, extend the distance you place between you and the bike in front of you.

Check your blind spots

Unlike some vehicles, motorcycles can slip right into your blind spot due to their size. In addition, they are small and may blend into your mirror backgrounds. Therefore, before you change lanes or make turns, make sure you check your blind spots.

Watch your turns

Crossing lanes is dangerous, so look for approaching motorcycles as you prepare your turn. You may not see them right away because they are smaller than the surrounding vehicles. You should also watch for turning motorcycles and those whose signals are on for extended periods of time.

To protect yourself from an accident with a motorcycle, increase your awareness, including listening for their motors. Put away distractions and rely on your passengers to alert you of any motorcycles you may not see.