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What are bike accident injuries you may not know about?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Bike Accidents

A collision between a bicycle rider and a motorist sometimes has deadly consequences. However, even if you survive an accident that knocks you off your bike, you should be aware of certain injuries that a cyclist could suffer. Sometimes bicycle riders do not know what is causing symptoms or they do not even know they have an injury.

Cycling Weekly explains specific injuries that you should not automatically rule out following an accident on your bicycle.

Muscle strains

When you get into an accident of almost any kind, you may stretch your muscles beyond their usual capacity. Strained muscles can show as redness or swelling, and you could feel pain when you use the injured area or even while you rest. Getting checked for muscle injuries may be important since severe muscle injuries can result in torn muscles and tendons as well as bleeding into the muscle.

Head injuries

A bicycle accident can easily result in major pain. However, even if you do not feel any serious discomfort, you could still have suffered a concussion if you had hit your head during the accident. Sometimes a concussion is not apparent at first. Since a concussion is a form of brain injury, the possibility of suffering one from a collision is not something to easily dismiss.

Unknown causes of injury

Keep in mind that your body systems link together, so injured bicyclists should not assume that a symptom can only indicate one kind of injury. You might need to see a specialist such as an osteopath or another therapist who can discover the true cause of a symptom so you can receive the proper treatment.

If you know how an accident has affected your body, you should have a good idea of how to pursue treatment and recovery. In the event a negligent person caused your injuries, your treatment expenses may factor into the compensation you receive.