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What should you watch out for as a motorcyclist?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle can provide hours of entertainment and a unique way to travel and explore. However, you should stay aware of the hazards you might encounter so you can mitigate risks to your safety.

Your vigilance in learning about various hazards may improve your overall motorcycling experience as you increase your confidence and control.

Your bike

Learning to ride a motorcycle takes time. You will want to get comfortable with how it feels to operate and maneuver your ride. Taking a passenger with you will require additional practice. If you get on a busy road before you are well acquainted with your bike, you may lack the control to respond to other drivers and could lose control.

Road debris

Another hazard to watch out for is road debris. Potholes and uneven pavement can also pose a threat to your safety. Constantly scan the road in front of you and establish escape routes if possible.

Distracted drivers

Other motorists can jeopardize your safety when they neglect to pay attention to their surroundings. People opening doors, cutting you off and turning in front of you can create major hazards that could cause you to crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds motorcyclists to always drive sober, wear adequate protective gear and make themselves as visible as possible.

A motorcycle accident can leave you with serious lifelong injuries. Your commitment to staying alert might help you recognize hazards before it is too late. Additionally, if you do encounter a dangerous situation, your education may lessen the severity of your accident and save you from life-threatening injuries.