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How may speed and weight factor into a truck crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Trucking Accidents

A basic rule of safe driving is that you do not exceed the posted speed limit. Commercial truck drivers have the same obligation. In fact, they must take special caution with their speed or they could cause a devastating crash.

Truck drivers must not only be conscious of their driving speed but also the weight of the load they carry. Here are the reasons why both speed and truck weight could be decisive factors in a truck collision.

Speeding lengthens stopping distance

Driving too fast could make it difficult to slow down in time to prevent an accident. If you need to slam on your brakes, you may not have enough stopping distance to slow your car before you hit another vehicle or a physical obstacle.

This is the case for any motor vehicle, including commercial trucks. In fact, big trucks may need more road length than cars to decrease their speed.

The weight of the truck

Since commercial trucks carry heavy loads, truckers should be aware of how fast they should drive. A truck load can add to the stopping distance of the truck, necessitating more time to slow down.

Overweight trucks can also be a problem. Truck manufacturers assign a gross vehicle weight rating to their trucks. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, trucks may carry heavier weights depending on the truck class. Therefore, a commercial truck should not carry a weight that exceeds its GVWR or a crash could occur.

While truck driver negligence could be the reason a truck causes you injury, a trucking company could also improperly load the truck or burden it with excessive or unsecured weight. The facts of your case will help dictate who the responsible party is.