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Reviewing motorcyclist injuries and deaths

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Motorcycle accidents

Whether you ride a motorcycle from time to time or every day, it is crucial to understand how prevalent accidents involving motorcyclists are. You should also review statistics on these collisions to develop a clearer understanding of risk factors associated with crashes, as well as steps you can take to stay safe.

Sadly, many motorcycle accidents keep occurring, and reckless drivers (such as those who drive drunk or speed) cause many of these collisions.

Data on traffic accidents and motorcyclists

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration covers motorcyclist injuries and deaths. In 2020, more than 82,500 motorcyclists sustained injuries, according to estimates. Furthermore, these collisions claimed the lives of 5,579 motorcyclists in 2020, representing a 2% increase in comparison to motorcyclist fatalities over the course of 2019.

When compared to fatal accidents involving those in passenger vehicles, the likelihood of a motorcyclist losing their life was almost 28 times greater in 2020.

Motorcycle collision risk factors

NHTSA data sheds light on risks surrounding motorcycle accidents. In 2020, more motorcyclist fatalities (61%) occurred on urban roads than on rural roads (39%). Also, 65% of motorcyclists lost their lives while riding outside of intersections, 57% died during daylight and 97% died during clear or cloudy conditions.

It is important to keep in mind that you could become involved in a motorcycle accident whether you ride in an urban or rural area, regardless of weather conditions. Unfortunately, the negligence of another party causes many motorcycle accidents, and you should gather evidence if you are trying to recover from an accident as an injured motorcyclist.