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How are bicycles particularly at risk on the road?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Bike Accidents, Blog

Although everyone operating a vehicle has to share the road, you may run into some issues as a person on a bicycle. When inconsiderate drivers or other obstacles make it hard for you, this may even lead to a bike accident.

Learning about the ways that bicycles are at risk when around cars and trucks can help you know what to do next.

Drivers failing to check for bicycles near them

According to the National Safety Council, bicycle riders are especially in danger of getting hurt when passing vehicles do not think to look for them. Even when these riders wear bright colors and signal properly, people in cars may not check before making a turn or merging into another lane.

Intersections are particularly dangerous for cyclists and people in cars need to know the vulnerabilities of those on bicycles.

Drivers opening doors without looking

People in cars may rush to get out by opening their doors without checking around them. While other drivers in vehicles may have some form of protection due to the chassis and body of the vehicle around them, those on bicycles do not have that.

This means a cyclist may fall to the ground or hit their head sharply on the vehicle. This can cause spinal cord or head trauma.

Drivers following too closely

Cars may follow people on bicycles too closely out of annoyance at how slow they think they are going. Since it is easier for vehicles to speed up than bicycles, drivers need to take into account the difference so they do not run over or harm a cyclist.

Being aware of the differences in the modes of transportation can help you if you are suffering from an injury.