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Understanding car accident statute of limitations

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Auto Accident, Blog

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that 244,092 people suffered injuries in auto accidents in 2022. It is likely in many cases, the injured individuals were not responsible for the crash and wish to take legal action to recoup damages,

For this reason, it is important to be aware of the time limit within which you can take legal action to address the situation. This time limit, the statute of limitations, helps to ensure fairness in the case.

The statute of limitations for personal injury

In the Lone Star State, the statute of limitations for car accidents is two years from the date of the accident. If you were in a crash in Texas, you must seek compensation for injuries or damages sustained as a result within this two-year time, or you will lose all rights to do so.

Situations that may change the statute of limitations

There are certain circumstances that might affect the statute of limitations. For instance, if the accident involved a government entity, such as a city bus, the process might have different rules and timelines. In cases where injuries are not immediately apparent, such as internal injuries that develop over time, the statute of limitations may extend to account for the delayed discovery of harm.

To protect your rights and ensure you are within the legal timeframe to seek compensation, you should keep careful track of the accident date and any other relevant dates. Missing this window of opportunity could result in the forfeiture of your right to pursue compensation.