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A look at different types of liability coverage

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2024 | Auto Accident, Blog

If your car takes damage and you get hurt after another driver hits you on a Texas road, you should not become responsible for paying your own medical and repair costs. The other driver should have liability insurance, which can relieve your worries about covering your bills.

Generally, automobile liability coverage includes various kinds of coverage as well as limits as to how much the coverage will pay out.

Bodily injury liability per person

The bodily injury liability provision covers you and anyone else hurt by the at-fault driver. Typically, liability insurance marks the coverage with a dollar number that the insurance will pay up to. For instance, if the coverage has the number 25, the policy will pay up to $25,000 per injured person.

You can recover medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering up to the maximum limit in the policy. If your damages exceed this amount, you would need to recover the additional costs from the at-fault driver personally, perhaps through litigation.

Bodily injury liability per accident

Liability coverage can also offer a total payout for all injured people per accident. This coverage applies if an at-fault motorist injures multiple individuals. As with bodily liability per person, the insurance company will not pay more than a specific limit even if multiple people have medical bills and other costs above the per-person limit.

Property damage liability

Finally, the responsible driver may compensate you for damage done to your car or your other property in the accident. Property damage liability usually takes care of vehicular harm, buildings, fences and other physical objects and landmarks. Any payout, as with medical bills, is subject to insurance limits.

According to Texas law, drivers in the state must have coverage of $30,000 per injured individual, a $60,000 total for an accident, and property damage liability of up to $25,000. However, Texas drivers can buy larger liability limits, so it is worth investigating to see if the at-fault motorist can cover all of your bills through his or her insurance.

Even if your situation seems difficult, there may be one or more options to help you secure your compensation, perhaps more quickly than you first thought.