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Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable For Injuries

Drunk driving results in thousands of injuries or deaths in Texas every year. Despite police crackdowns and changes in drunk driving penalties, individuals still choose to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. While such tragedies are entirely avoidable, victims of such accidents suffer severe and disabling injuries.

If you are a victim of an accident due to the fault of a drunken driver, the law office of Raul “Rudy” Rodriguez, PC, can help you. Attorney Raul Rodriguez has more than 30 years’ experience in personal injury representation. This includes representing plaintiffs in over 10,000 cases. When coming to our office, Raul will speak to you regarding your circumstances, discuss your legal options and then prepare a legal strategy that will best ensure you receive the maximum recovery.

Drunk Driving And Personal Injury Liability

While it is generally easy to establish fault in drunk driving cases, it is not always easy to receive compensation for your injuries. While there are state requirements for drivers to have adequate insurance coverage, many individuals who drive drunk have no driver’s license and no insurance. And drunk drivers often try to flee the scene or deny liability for the accidents they cause.

Our law firm knows what steps to take when questions regarding insurance coverage arise. We know how to locate such coverage in uninsured/underinsured matters. This includes negotiating with insurance companies to pay their obligations. In the event the driver was overserved in a bar or establishment, we know how to hold that business liable as well for injuries.

Compassionate Representation For Car Accident Victims

As DUI accidents often involve head-on crashes or the driver going through a red light, injuries in such accidents can often be extremely serious and catastrophic. A drunk driving accident often leaves behind victims suffering from broken bones, brain injuries, paralysis and death.

Under such circumstances, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who understands the long-term consequences of such crashes. Raul “Rudy” Rodriguez, PC, regularly deals with serious injury cases, and we understand the consequences of such injuries for both you and your family. With access to accountants and experts, we are able to calculate the costs of such injuries at trial.

Texas Personal Injury Attorney Serving You

If you or a loved one is a victim of a drunk driving crash, please contact Raul “Rudy” Rodriguez, PC, in Edinburg, Texas, by calling 956-329-7170. We provide representation in Hidalgo County and all of South Texas.

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